Artist Statement

My work focuses on historical documentation, social/political commentary and design. I have created work in Chicago and Europe. My medium of choice is documentary film and photography, both film and digital.

Preservation is a theme in my work.  I focus on two elements of documentary filmmaking, investigative and vérité or direct cinema.  I thematically approach a subject matter and through either researching the subject or in some projects living with the subject I am able to seek the truth or some aspect of it.

My process is organic and improvisational with a foundation in research, which allows for discovery. Since my work is durational it develops over time. I have created work that developed very quickly on the spot. I have also worked several years on projects allowing for the work to be created rather than forcing the process.

That is why I work in documentary as well as still photography. Going back and forth between the two mediums allows for different ways of creating sequences or series. I approach still photography the same way I approach filmmaking, which is sequentially.

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