My approach to painting is to use variety of materials and utilizes different techniques. I strive to explore the bare minimal essence of painting, devoid of conception and aesthetic, instead focusing on making art in the moment, concerning myself with the surface and how much I build it or how little I build it and everything in between.

I do not think when I paint. If I find myself conscious of what I am doing I stop. When I am painting or drawing in essence it is a form of meditation, working with the subconscious. I believe in spontaneity.

I spend more time looking, seeing and waiting for the moment to come or conjure through me. The moment is key. When it comes it comes in burst and then will be gone. I spend more time looking at finished work than actually working on them. It takes one painting to start a series, which range from three paintings to twelve.

Architecture, nature, people and music which are themes in my photography are translated into paintings but instead of a representational it is abstracted. I do not know what a painting will be until it forms itself through me on the wood, canvas or paper.

With film and photography work there is a machine you use the camera or computer to create the work. Painting and drawing is liberating for me and more direct. It is myself, the material and nothing else.

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