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On a rainy day in the French Quarter, New Orleans (July 2018) I made the following images with my Minolta IIb. This was the first day of a five day visit. July in the big easy is notriously hot and tropical so the rain was welcomed. As I walked down Canal Street, someone on the ground asked me for money. I said no and the guy told me I was an asshole. This one negative vibe would not deter from having a magical time in New Orleans.

The following images shot in the spirit of a the great photographer Robert Frank. Dark, moody, no concerns for imperfections, pushing film stocks, creating images with what light and resources you have, some in focus some slightly out of focus. A very different approach from digital photography of today.

Minolta IIB Rokkor 45mm f/2.8, Ilford FP4 125.


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